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Punch Class
Container class for a punch transaction.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: AMG.API.Timecard
Assembly: AMG.API (in AMG.API.dll) Version: (
public class Punch

The Punch type exposes the following members.

Public methodPunch
Initializes a new instance of the Punch class.
Public propertyAction

Transaction's action type

enum En_DeviceFunction { Enter Department = 0, Enter Job = 1, Out For Lunch = 2, In From Lunch = 3, Out For Break = 4, In From Break = 5, Clock In = 6, Clock Out = 7, Swipe And Go = 8, Door Access = 9, Swipe and Go (In) = 10, Swipe and Go (Out) = 11, Return Call = 12 }
Public propertyActualTime
Transaction's actual time, if it was rounded.
Public propertyAttendanceCodeId
Transaction's applied rounding's attendance code ID
Public propertyClockDate
Transaction's date/time
Public propertyComment
Transaction comment
Public propertyDepartmentId
Department's ID, when Action is Enter Department.
Public propertyDeviceId
ID of the device that the transaction came from.
Public propertyId
Transaction's ID
Public propertyImage
Photo image associated with the transaction.
Public propertyInsertDate
Date/time when the transaction was committed.
Public propertyInsertEmployeeId
Inserting employee's ID, if the transaction was added by employee.
Public propertyJobId
Job's ID, when Action is Enter Job.
Public propertyOriginalDate
Transaction's original not changed or rounded date/time.
Public propertyOverrideLinkBack
Indicates if Link-Back algorithm should be used for time card starting with this transaction.
Public propertyOverrideLunchBreak
Indicates if automatic lunch/break should be applied for time card starting with this transaction.
Public propertyOverrideRounding
Indicates if automatic rounding should be applied for time card starting with this transaction.
Public propertyRoundDate
Transaction's rounded date
Public propertyScheduledTime
Transaction's scheduled time, if it was rounded.
Public propertyStatus

Transaction's status

enum En_TransactionStatus { Open = 1, Closed = 2, ClosedSystem = 3 }
Public propertyUserId
User's ID who added or changed the transaction.
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