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AMG.API.Timecard Namespace
The AMG.API.Timecard namespace contains classes related to time cards.
Public classAutomaticLunchBreak
Automatic lunches or breaks (Elapsed or Fixed)
Public classDifferentialHours
Container class for hours accrued of differential calculations.
Public classDifferentialPay
Container class for Differential hours.
Public classEmployeeBenefits
The summary container of employee's benefits
Public classEmployeeStatusInTimecard
Container class for Employee's Status used in Time-card.
Public classEmployeeTimecards
Container class for one employee's time cards.
Public classEmployeeTimecardsLite
Container class for one employee's lightweight time cards.
Public classMiscEntry
Container class for Miscellaneous Entries.
Public classPunch
Container class for a punch transaction.
Public classTimecardLine
Container class for one time card line.
Public classTimecardLineBase
Base (lightweight) container class for one time card line.