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AMG.API.Definitions.Employees Namespace
The AMG.API.Definitions.Employees namespace contains classes related to employees.
Public classCalculatedWage
Employee's wage information with current calculated wage.
Public classEmployee
Employee full information container class.
Public classEmployeeLoginOptions
Container class for login related features.
Public classEmployeePayrollOptions
Container class for Payroll related features.
Public classEmployeeShort
Container class for Employee's general information.
Public classEmployeeStatus
Container class for employee's status.
Public classEmployeeStatusHistory
Container class for entire status history of one employee.
Public classEmployeeWage
Container class for employee's wages.
Public classEmployeeWithStatus
Container class for Employee full information including statuses.
Public classJobCostingWage
Container class for wage which defines job costing features for either Job or Department
Public classWage
Container class for employee's wage.