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Employee Class
Employee full information container class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: AMG.API.Definitions.Employees
Assembly: AMG.API (in AMG.API.dll) Version: (
public class Employee : EmployeeShort

The Employee type exposes the following members.

Public methodEmployee
Initializes a new instance of the Employee class.
Public propertyActive
Indicates if the definition is active.
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyAddress1
Address Line 1
Public propertyAddress2
Address Line 2
Public propertyBadge
Badge number
(Inherited from EmployeeShort.)
Public propertyBirthDate
Birth date
Public propertyCity
City / Town
Public propertyCode
Definition's code
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyComments
A multi line string for comments.
Public propertyCustom1
Single line string for custom 1 value.
Public propertyCustom2
Single line string for custom 2 value.
Public propertyCustom3
Single line string for custom 3 value.
Public propertyDismissalDate
Dismissal Date
Public propertyDivisionId
Division's ID number
Public propertyEMail
Single line, comma separated string for emails.
Public propertyFiscalDate
Fiscal Date
Public propertyFullName
Employee's full name presented in system defined format.
(Inherited from EmployeeShort.)
Public propertyGender


enum Gender { None = 1, Male = 2, Female = 3 }
Public propertyGroupId
Group's ID number
Public propertyHeadQuarterId
Headquarters' ID number
Public propertyHireDate
Hire Date
Public propertyId
ID number of definition
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyImage
Photo image in JPG or PNG format.
Public propertyLastName
Last Name
(Inherited from EmployeeShort.)
Public propertyLoginOptions
Login related features
Public propertyMiddleName
Middle Name / Initials
(Inherited from EmployeeShort.)
Public propertyMobilePhone
Single line mobile phone number.
Public propertyName
Name of definition
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyNegativeBenefits
Indicating if employee uses negative benefits. Use null value to use system defined setting.
Public propertyPassport
Passport ID
Public propertyPayrollOptions
Payroll related features
Public propertyPhone
Phone number
Public propertySsn
Social Security Number
Public propertyState
State / Province
Public propertyZipCode
Zip / Postal Code
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