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IEmployeeApi Interface
Employee related XML-RPC methods.

Namespace: AMG.API
Assembly: AMG.API (in AMG.API.dll) Version: (
public interface IEmployeeApi

The IEmployeeApi type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddEmployee
Adds new employee.
Public methodAddEmployeeStatus
Adds one or more statuses for given employee. All status start dates for each employee should be unique.
Public methodDeleteEmployee
Deletes an employee.
Public methodDeleteEmployeeStatus
Deletes a status from employee.
Public methodGetAllEmployeesShort
Returns all employees in short form.
Public methodGetEmployee
Gets one employee information.
Public methodGetEmployees
Gets Employee objects by their IDs.
Public methodGetEmployeeStatuses
Gets employees' statuses.
Public methodUpdateEmployee
Updates employee's information.
Public methodUpdateEmployeeStatus
Updates an employee's status.
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