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Headquarters Class
Container class for Headquarters.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: AMG.API.Definitions
Assembly: AMG.API (in AMG.API.dll) Version: (
public class Headquarters : BaseDefinition

The Headquarters type exposes the following members.

Public methodHeadquarters
Initializes a new instance of the Headquarters class
Public propertyActive
Indicates if the definition is active.
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyAddress1
Address Line 1
Public propertyAddress2
Address Line 2
Public propertyCity
City / Town
Public propertyCode
Definition's code
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyCompanyCode
Company code used for payroll exports.
Public propertyEMail
E-Mail address
Public propertyEmployerIdentificationNumber
Employer Identification Number
Public propertyFax
Fax number
Public propertyId
ID number of definition
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyImage
Photo image in JPG or PNG format
Public propertyName
Name of definition
(Inherited from BaseDefinition.)
Public propertyPhone
Phone number
Public propertyState
State / Province
Public propertyWebSite
Headquarters' web site URL address
Public propertyZipCode
Zip / Postal Code
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